celebration of the 20th anniversary


In May 17, 2017, the "celebration of the 20th anniversary celebration", with the theme of "brilliant leap" as the theme, came to a successful conclusion. Hundreds of customers to participate in the celebration, guests and staff gathered to celebrate the Zibo Heng was founded in 20th anniversary.

In 2017, for a tree, twenty years enough to grow into towering trees. As for the Zibo Heng, twenty years is a period of unforgettable wonderful journey. Twenty years of development, products from the original PVC sheet to PVC calendering film, the optical film, PET sheet, PP sheet, PS sheet, PC film, ABS plate series products, the production line from the initial 1 to 35 now covers a number of areas, from a small factory to become a group of companies. In the production of a single product from the original to the diversified extension of products with high added value change; the sales model from the original traditional sales model changes one by one visit to the Internet online orders, many countries exported to Europe as well as Taikehubu deepening service.

In the twenty years of the brand journey, Zibo TianHeng constantly improve themselves, beyond the self. The company has invested in the construction of a number of pharmaceutical packaging and food grade purification workshop purification workshop, based on ERP software, 5S site management and the national ISO9000 quality system certification of the original active introduction of integration of all functions and business modules as one of the information management platform.
Twenty years of dedicated Zibo Heng has become the industry leader. Chairman Mr. Wang Bo said: "in celebration of the deep bow now, we complacent; looking to the future, we are full of pride. Let us work hand in hand, honor sharing, make our common cause grow and make new contributions to protect the long-term value of enterprises and maximize the interests of shareholders. Enable employees and enterprises to grow together, share the fruits of development, and achieve the goal of harmony and win-win of enterprises, shareholders and employees. I hope all day HengRen starting today, with infinite passion, stand tall, create brilliant new day constant; the efforts of hundreds of times, raised his hands, hold the Heng sun of tomorrow!"
There is no beginning, fresh end, 20 years, is a review of the road ahead, but also for the future vision, 20 years, the beginning of the day, the heart does not change, read the same as before, dream by peers.

Zibo tianheng and Shanghai jiaotong university established the cooperation unit of production and research


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