Third annual output of 7000 tons of PVC film production line successfully started


Zibo Tianheng New Nanomaterials Technology Co.,Ltd.  a PVC calendering film production line in October 31, 2017 at 9 a.m. officially launched the test machine, test line.

This is the day of constant PVC rolling film production line put into operation since 2014 third annual output of 7000 tons, rolling film products can be the production of building materials decorative film, film, film and other appliances decoration advertising specifications, production value of nearly billion yuan. In recent years, the company in the field of decorative film nationwide layout, and with a large number of large furniture, flooring and brand plate manufacturers to achieve long-term strategic cooperation relationship, the company's capacity and market share in the industry among the best.
Heng since its inception in 1995, the main products are PVC, PVC medicinal hard printing film, PET sheet, PP food grade high temperature resistant sheet, HIPS antistatic sheet, PC photoelectric film, widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, advertising printing, flooring, cabinets, ecological board, fire board pressure field. Dedicated to the high-end customers and brands, products have been widely sold in domestic and foreign markets.
With the commissioning of PVC membrane production line, Tian Heng is the largest film / film manufacturer in Jiangbei. Its centennial foundation has achieved initial success, which means that the new starting point of Tian Heng, the great turning point and the goal of high development have been gradually realized.



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